Once in a lifetime…

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Greetings from Texas! My sister’s getting married tonight, and the whole family flew in for the wedding. Thursday morning we dragged the kids out of bed at 3:30 to make it for our 6 a.m. flight (THREE flights, actually. THREE.). It was a pain, but the kids did remarkably well. No meltdowns and we didn’t even get the stink-eye from any fellow passengers. And I only had my parenting questioned by two meddling individuals, so I’m calling that a win! Oh, but I’m gonna try to steal the window seat from Buttercup on the flights home, because I got motion sick enough in the aisle seat that I actually had the barf bag to my face, over my mouth. And then I fell asleep on my hand and forgot I was about to hurl.

My poor husband has been bombarded with ALL THE WORDS as we’ve driven all over the Metroplex the last two days. When we hit a freeway, I have to tell him all the different names that freeway is called. When we see anything that triggers a memory for me, I have to tell him a story or tell him the history of the thing I just saw (and I lived here for 25 years, so the poor man!). The baby has been learning to climb stairs (!!!), taking 10 minute catnaps as he can get them, and learning to eat baby food straight from the pouch (hey, it’s a lot less messy). And the girl has been charming everyone’s faces off. Oh, and she ran right off the back of the stage at the wedding chapel last night. CRASH. Who ends a stage 10 inches from a wall anyway? Just put the thing against the wall.

I have gotten blessed sleep two nights in a row! I was up all night Wednesday night, packing, etc. Tuesday night I got three hours (packing). I made my card in the wee hours of Thursday morning — I finished it at 3:30, just as my husband got out of bed for the big travel day. So I’m feeling much better now.

Oh! I have to tell y’all a truly mortifying story from the very beginning of our travel day. We brought our car seats with us, and see, we have a 3-year-old who snacks a lot in the car (now you know where this is going). So the hubs got the car seats  uninstalled, and we got a porter, because we had 2 suitcases, 3 carryons, my purse, 2 children in separate umbrella strollers, 2 car seats, and only 2 adults to carry/push it all. So I’m pushing the children through the bag check line, and the porter decides to unload our stuff between the front of the line and the counter (which makes sense). I turn around to say something to a child, and when I turn back, the car seats are sitting on the floor along with the entire contents of Buttercup’s car seat, which I hadn’t vacuumed  out in, oh, months. (The crumbs stay in the seat, so I don’t see them, and if I don’t see dirt, I don’t think to clean it.) Mor. ti. fied. And did you see the list of all the stuff we were carrying? So while I wanted to ask for a vacuum cleaner or scrape up as many crumbs as possible with my hands, I had to just hide my face and leave it there. Sorry, Boise airport. Truly.


Anyway. The colors this week for the Dynamic Duos challenge are Melon Mambo, Tangerine Tango, and Wild Wasabi. It’s Triple Threat week!

I am not entirely happy with this card. I really wanted to use the sentiment stamp (from the Later Alligator Sale-A-Bration set), but I was having a hard time making anything with it. Finally my eyes landed on the Swallowtail stamp, and I thought, well, butterflies pollinate flowers and change everything when they do it, so I’ll put some plain green flowers with the colorful butterfly, and dot dot dot. I came up with this complete rewriting of the activities of butterflies at 3 a.m. Butterflies pollinate flowers. Go to sleep, Sarah. But we’ll just pretend I was thinking of the butterfly effect when I put this swallowtail with that sentiment.

So anyway, my pollinating butterfly is embossed in black on Whisper White cardstock. I scribbled all over it with my Melon Mambo marker, but I made sure to leave lots of white space. Then I went over the white areas with my Tangerine Tango marker. I colored over the creepy insect body with the Wild Wasabi marker. I stamped the So Very Grateful flowers in Wild Wasabi. For the sentiment, I colored the whole stamp with the Tangerine Tango marker, then went over the bottom line and the sides of the middle line with the Melon Mambo marker. I didn’t want it to be too clean.

And that’s my card. The other ladies have made some truly fabulous creations with our triple threat colors, so head on over to check them out, and we’d love for you to play along with us!

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6 thoughts on “Once in a lifetime…

  1. First, card is fab! Love the solid color flowers at the top! Big ole butterfly is great;)

    Love hearing the story of your traveling. My kiddos are now 26, 23, and 21 but I still vividly remember looking back at my son in his car seat and wondering where he got the french fry he was munching on when we had not been to McDonald’s for weeks. He said, “I found it in my seat, Mommy.” Oh my!

  2. Love your card Sarah! The butterfly wings off the edge look great as well as the use of the colors. I agree with Cindy- love hearing about your travels and I know many will be able to relate :-)

  3. I hope you have/had a fabulous time at your sisters wedding! How fun! Nice butterfly card! :) Congrats to your family!

  4. Very pretty. Love the butterfly.
    Wow, I hope you enjoy your trip and the wedding. I know it is not easy traveling with the little ones. I remember those days. :)

  5. A lovely card Sarah – I especially like the green floral framing the top of the card. Hope you had a great time at the wedding and oh boy, I feel you about the crumbs! Vicky x

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