So… my card is a flapper dress

Hey there! How has your week been? Mine has been pretty good — got hit by a head cold somewhere around Monday. Irritating, and we couldn’t do any of our close-quarters-with-other-children activities, because we’re nice and try to keep our colds to ourselves. But other than that, we got some news we’ve been waiting on, and the week was productive. I made some progress on the shawl I’m knitting and made a tiny Mary Jane (while also watching a lot of Doctor Who). I made a menu for the next six weeks, did all the grocery shopping for it, and started prepping all the meals to put in the freezer. My plan is to not have to think about dinner until roughly June. Because I’m this lady:

Stolen from Pinterest.
Stolen from Pinterest.

Okay, on to the card.

Stampin' Up! Perfect Pennants - Flapper Dress card - Sarah Fleming - Prepare to Dye



This week’s Dynamic Duos challenge is our Black Tie Event, and the colors are Black and Rich Razzleberry, with the dessert OPTION of Gold. I didn’t have dessert this week and instead of Gold used quite a lot of silver. That wasn’t on purpose — I made my card early in the week, and when I was almost done, I remembered there would be a dessert option, went and looked and saw that it was Gold. Oops. Anyway, it’s optional, so I didn’t remake my card. :)


Now, I did not intend to make a flapper dress of a card, but that’s what I ended up with. I had a total light bulb inspiration moment right after I put the kids down for their naps Monday and practically ran into the craft room to make my card. I knew I wanted black strips of fringe and I wanted to emboss the bottom part of the fringe in silver, because I’ve seen multiple strips of fringe on other cards, but I’ve never seen the fringe embossed. So I had a ton of fun playing with how this card would go.

My card base is Rich Razzleberry. You can’t see it in the photo, but at the bottom of the card, where you can see silver and a little bit of black, the Razzleberry actually shows through the fringe. Looks kind of cool.

I think my black strips are each 1-1/4″. I cut the strips with my Stampin’ Trimmer, then fringed them with my object-of-current-obsession Fringe Scissors, then embossed all but the top strip. I didn’t intend to emboss so much of each strip. I wanted maybe the bottom 3/8″ embossed. But the first one came out with more like 3/4″ embossed, so I went with it. To emboss each strip, I laid the piece down, turned my Versamark pad upside down, and kind of just pressed it down onto the strip, moving across in a straight(ish) line. Then I switched out my scratch paper (so I wouldn’t pour embossing powder on the Versamark that overlapped the scratch paper), poured on the silver embossing powder, and melted it with my heat tool.

I layered the strips so that some of the black of each strip would show. At the top, I wanted a full non-embossed black fringe. After I got all the strips glued down, I added the Rich Razzleberry ribbon.

The sentiment is from Perfect Pennants, and I embossed it in black on RR, then glued it down above the top of the black fringe strip. I wanted to add a little overlapping piece of silver foil that wraps around the sentiment at the top of the card, but none of my punches or dies were working their magic for me there, so I went with the black ribbon instead. This is the 1/8″ taffeta ribbon. I wrapped it around, then added a bow in the same ribbon.

And then I said, “Huh. That looks like a flapper dress.” And then a friend posted something on FB about flappers, and I thought, “Huh. Their dresses look like my card.” And then I went googling for flapper images, and this is one of the first things I saw.


And I died laughing. My card is even wearing a headband, just like this model. Stop it. If only I had some feathers to add to it…

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  1. Love the fringe, Sarah. It is so fun and makes you want to start dancing! You executed the card so well.

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