Well, hello there.

It’s been a while. Almost a year! And actually, I thought it had been more than a year until I checked the date stamp on my last post. So yeah, I’ve been quiet. Not on purpose and not in real life, but, you know… life happens. And over the last year and a half, it happened in big, exciting, scary, overwhelming ways. Shall I tell you?

Well, my husband is an engineer (computer programmer) and has also been writing on the side for many years, since before I met him 11 years ago. His writing career had really taken off; he had blogged for years, and suddenly he was writing columns for national newspapers, his political humor (and then non-political humor) books were being published by one of the big publishers, and his first science fiction novel, Superego, was on the way.

And then everything went crazy. We were happily in Boise, and a creative agency in Austin suddenly wanted him to come write for them full-time. So basically, his dream job. Writing for a living! And it turns out, there’s programming involved, too, so both of his favorite things to do built into one job!! So we moved to Texas. We left Boise at the end of October and arrived in Austin November 1st. Or 2nd. It’s a huge blur, because that move was killer. I should write a book about that move. Except it’s one of those things you want to block from memory because it was so bad, or seemed that way at the time — no, wait. It was really that bad. It’s apparently the only kind of move the hubs and I know how to make. We call them “adventures”. You know. Through hell or somewhere equally lovely. Wait, it’s coming back to me. It was the 2nd, because my husband started his new job on the 3rd while I went hunting for rentals and my sister babysat the kids and the pets. Oh, did I mention the pets? We piled 2 adults, 2 kids, a 70-lb dog, and 2 cats into our Santa Fe and pulled a 6×12 trailer through 3 mountain passes (oh, that part was pretty much accidental and involved one measly little wrong turn).

Then pregnancy in December. Baby #3 is due in about 6 weeks. I was really sick for basically January – March. My MIL moved down when she sold her house in February, and she stayed with us, and I was thankful to have the help with the rambunctious 4- and almost-2-year-olds. (He turned 2 in May.)

We did spring t-ball with my daughter (the 4-year-old). And right in the middle of t-ball season, we found out my husband’s office was moving even farther away. He already had an hour commute, and this crazy, tired, pregnant mama was not on board with a longer one. So we bought a house over an hour away from the rental we were in (and yes, I am loving the new half-hour commute).

We moved for the second time in 6 months, and I was 6 months pregnant (that move didn’t go well either). And it was already hot, because Texas. I’d never forgotten how hot and humid Texas is (it’s why I refused to ever come home to visit during any month not ending in “ber” except for emergencies), but it’s still going to take me years to re-acclimate. And basically, as long as I never leave the house from May through mid-September, I’ll be fine. So now we’re looking for a new church (again), settling in, buying new furniture (yeah, we sold about half our furniture when we left Idaho and now have to replace it all), unpacking the boxes that *can* be unpacked (can’t unpack books if you have no bookshelves), etc. etc. etc., preparing for baby. Oh! And switching OBGYNs at 34 weeks along.

A lot of other stuff happened in the last year, too, but that’s the big stuff.

Annnnnnnnyway. I’ve been working for a few weeks on my craft room. I share it with the guest room, but other than a few days a year, it’s mine — all mine!! And now the shelves are up, my stamps are on them, my sewing machine is out, and my yarn — well, my yarn takes up half the closet, but it’s happy in the plastic bins anyway. Knitting is about the only thing I’ve done, craft-wise, since we left Boise. I’ve still been buying stamps (LOL, I’ve bought a lot of stamps in the past year that I’ve never used that are already retired) and the occasional sewing pattern, but I’ve mostly been knitting due to lack of craft room. And I love knitting, I do — but I don’t feel like I’m creating when I knit. I don’t write my own patterns (yet), so I take yarn that has been spun and dyed by someone else and a pattern written by someone else, and yes, I make something. But there’s little creative process in it for me, other than combining pattern with colors.

So I’ve really missed my stamps. Tonight I’m setting up the workstation that will attach to my storage shelves that hold my stamps, and tomorrow, doggonit, I am creating something.

Author: Sarah