Crazy Hotel Lady

No card today, but I do have a hilarious story to tell y’all about how insane I am.

We came back to our hotel last night after we left the hospital. But I had to stop by Walmart first for Doritos, as you do. As I turned to walk into the hotel, a man was standing in the alcove next to the door smoking a cigarette. But I couldn’t see him from the sidewalk, so when he was just there in the alcove, it scared me half to death. “GOOD NIGHT NURSE!” I yelled at him, quite loudly. He apologized for giving me a heart attack, and I said, “Sorry I scared you!” and walked in, very embarrassed.

Fast forward to two hours later. My mom and I are staying in a different room from my sister, but we’ve all gathered in my sister’s room to watch a movie (at 12:30 a.m.). But since none of the rooms in this hotel have microwaves, I was rather hungry (I can’t eat anything in this town, so I’d had nothing but iceburg lettuce, a tiny bit of beef, and chips and salsa all day). So since I couldn’t heat up the freezer meal I’d brought (because I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat in this town), I went back to our room to grab some Doritos.

Important note: There are 14 floors in this hotel, and the hotel is 100% booked.

So I went back to my sister’s floor and went to her room. I knocked. No answer. I knocked again, and this time, I knocked “Shave and a haircut… two bits.” No answer. I texted my mom. “Shave and a haircut.” Meaning, I’m knocking a super fun knock, and y’all aren’t answering. So shortly after that, the door opened. I expected to see my mom or sister. A man opened the door.

I gasped. “Oh! I’m so sorry! I… uh… wrong room!”

“That’s the second time tonight,” said the man who answered the door. He was amused. Then I realized that this was the same man I’d yelled at outside for standing in the shadows.

MOR. TI. FIED. I mean… 14 floors, all the rooms booked, and I knocked on this guy’s door?!

I’m probably gonna end up spilling my breakfast on the poor guy tomorrow.

Author: Sarah