Life/Baby News: Hey there! It’s been a while, eh? Well, see, I went and had a baby about three and a half weeks ago. So I’ve been a little occupied with the sweetest little guy on the planet. He’s wonderful. He came a little early and had some trouble with his oxygen levels, so we spent our first week with him in the NICU. That was stressful on its own, but even more stressful because we were away from our other kids (thankfully we have awesome mothers who took care of the big kids AND made sure we came home to a clean house – RAISE THE ROOF HANDS EMOJIS). Our other kids didn’t even get to meet him until he was a week old, because none of them are old enough to be in a NICU. We’ve spent the weeks since bringing him home settling into our new normal. Four kids! It’s crazy and wonderful and exhausting, LOL. And some idiot (me, it was me) signed three kids up for baseball/softball back at the end of December, which started this week. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. I’ll still be spotty for a while, but I wanted to pop in and update you. I can’t do Facebook Lives right now because I’m nursing the baby on a schedule for a few more weeks but hope to have some new YouTube videos soon.

Online Classes: Our Online Class for February had to be put on hold, because the Cake Builder punch is out of stock until mid-March. So we’ve extended the Beauty Abounds class through February – you may still register for this class through the 28th. Our March class is going to be the Birthday Cheer Class (look for the registration to open soon), and we will do the Piece of Cake class in April.

Suite Shares: Suite Shares are still available for the Occasions Catalog. I will cut these off at the end of Sale-A-Bration, March 31st, so make sure to order those by the end of next month.

Thanks for stopping by! I do have a card going up in the morning, so make sure to check back in tomorrow!

Author: Sarah